Rotax Engine Services

Rotax 912 Engine Service – What’s Included:

25 Hour Service (Initial 25 Hours Only)

  • Visual Check of Electrical System
  • Visual Check of Coolant System
  • Visual Check of Fuel System
  • Visual Check of Exhaust System
  • Visual Check of Leakage Bore
  • Measurement of Gearbox Slipper Clutch Friction Torque
  • Service Bulletin Check
  • Oil Change
  • Oil Filter Replacement & Dissection
  • Magnetic plug Inspection
  • Air Filter Inspection
  • Inspection & Cleaning of Plugs
  • Pneumatic Balancing of Carbs
  • Adjustment of idle speed
  • Check Fuel Filter

100 Hour Service – Everything in a 25 Hour Service plus:

  • Inspect / Clean Spark Plugs
  • Inspection of Carb Rubbers
  • Replacement of Fuel Filter

200 Hour Service – Everything in a 100 Hour Service plus:

  • Replacement of Spark Plugs
  • Remove, Strip and Inspect Carbs
  • Differential Compression Test

Per your schedule Rotax Services available include:

  • Carb Sync (free check to see if you even need a carb sync)
  • Complete carb overhaul/rebuild
  • Gearbox service, including shimming, clutch check and/or replace, and gearbox rebuild.

Rotax 2-Stroke Engine Services:

At your site:

  • De-Carbon
  • Top-End overhaul
  • Carb overhaul
  • Carb Sync via custom manometer (fancy name for oil-in-a-tube-on-a-yardstick)

At our shop:

We offer a full Rotax 2-stroke Strip, Inspect and Rebuild / General Overhaul service on Rotax 447, 503, 462, 532 and 582 (mod 90 / 99) engines. We can only estimate the work and parts involved (and therefore the cost) of the rebuild once the engine has been striped and inspected

For crankshaft changes / complete rebuilds our preference will always be to do this work in our workshop facility.  This is because if if the strip down indicates that unexpected parts are required then we would prefer that your engine were safely on our workshop bench rather than being left at your airfield in a disassembled state. You can either bring the engine to us or we can come and remove it from your aircraft / collect it to bring it back to the workshop. If your engine is fitted to a PPC, or a flexwing trike, or other road-transportable aircraft then you are welcome to trailer it to us thus saving you the cost of us coming to collect it. Please call to discuss.