DEsquared Aviation consists of “Danal Estes”, the repairman, and “Deborah Estes” the business manager. ┬áSince our initials are both “DE”, we call our company DEsquared.


Danal flying a Zenith CH750 STOL

Danal Estes is our primary repairman. Danal learned to fly before he learned to drive; he’s “home built” airplanes, built race engines for Formula V, designed and built Quad-Rotor helicopters, authored firmware for flight stabilization systems, scratch-built many different electronic devices, and, oh yeah, he leaps airport fences in a single bound.


Debbie departing to fly a PPC photo mission

Debbie is DEsquaredAviation’s CFO, COO, and any other “C” level job you’ve ever considered. That means she’ll be the one pestering you about paying your bill. She’s also our safety officer, with decades of experience in Aviation Accident Investigation. Furthermore, all of our PPC flying is her fault.